Enter Loro Parque and discover the best zoo in Europe and # 2 worldwide so nominated by TripAdvisor, a modern zoo where animals become a true animal embassy and where extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories await you. Discover wildlife on a fascinating journey in which you can enjoy the majesty and nobility of our orcas in OrcaOcean and the intelligence of our dolphins, as well as the cuteness of our sea lions and beauty of the most fascinating species of parrots in our amazing Parrot Show. In PlanetPenguin, you’ll be  surprised by the many varied species in one of the largest penguinariums in the world,  in a display that perfectly recreates their natural surroundings.

Meet our curious animals and enjoy our incredible and innovative facilities that will take you directly into the animal kingdom. A unique opportunity to discover the incredible international projects managed by the Park through its nonprofit organization, the Loro Parque Foundation, whose work focuses on the conservation of endangered animal species and their habitats in several continents, as well as in research and education.

You can not miss some of our latest and innovative exhibitions: meet our adorable Red Pandas in their fascinating habitat, dive into the depths with fascinating Aquaviva and enjoy a trip to our new aviaries – more than 130 square metres recreate the perfection of the jungles of Brazil and Mexico for more than a dozen beautiful species of parrots among incredible vegetation and rivers. These and many more exhibits, surrounded by lush vegetation, will take you through the experience of meeting animals from all corners of the world where you will also be delighted to find an exciting mix of international and local restaurants, which will appeal to both young and old alike.


Get a VIP pass hiring the Premium Ticket experience, in which includes the entrance and then enjoy a completely carefree day organized with a guide and with permanent and exclusive attention day. A program full of emotions, VIP preference to make your visit that much more special. Moreover, this activity has reserved seats in all exhibits, for example, meet our beautiful family of orcas in OrcaOcean. This magnificent option includes entertaining “behind the scenes” Discovery Tour – an exclusive trip that takes you to “behind the scenes” on a tour of 1 hour and 45 minutes, where you will see first hand the facilities, curiosities and care of guests. All this, accompanied by a memorable dining experience “Patio del Loro” restaurant, which consists of three courses (soup or salad, pork tenderloins, baked potatoes with ratatouille, flan or fruit) and drink.

The Discovery Tour will allow you to experience the thrill of opening a window ontonature and dive into each of the amazing stories that conveys the rich biodiversity that inhabits Loro Parque.

Get caught by nature and enjoy this adventure guided by professionals with the best amenities!


If yours are revelatory experiences, the Diamond Tour was recently created to go a step further and discover the fascinating world of nature combined with the pleasure of tasting high quality gastronomy all in one day. This exclusive tour with entrance already included, provides you with a wonderful guided tour by professionals,  the “behind the scenes” Discovery Tour, where you can see up close the facilities and care of the wonderful flora and fauna that inhabit Loro Parque. And you can comfortably enjoy reserved seating in VIP areas in all of our presentations.

This great experience also has an impressive lunch at our newly opened restaurant, the prestigious Brunelli’s Steakhouse, distinguished by a passion for quality meat. We assure the success of such a spectacular meal as the impressive display of incredible window into the ocean!

Enjoy your day!


Discover the fascinating Thai Village, the first of all the wonders that, upon entering Loro Parque, accurately recreates the traditional architecture of Thailand. We want you to get to know the fascinating exotic Eastern world in which every detail has been meticulously crafted and handmade, piece by piece, resulting in spectacular structures in Puerto de la Cruz and becoming the largest Thai village built outside Thailand.

The whole Thai Village is decorated with 24K gold leaf and woodcarving.

You can’t miss it!

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