“Enjoy the experience of climbing to the highest peak of Spain”

“Las Cañanas de Teide” was declared National Park in 1954 and has become a protected natural environment. Covering an area of 18.990 hectares, is the largest National Park in the Canary Islands and one of the most visited on the world. The Teide volcano with its height of 3.718 m, is one of the world´s wonders and for its geological characteristics, the National Park is a reference for the world volcanism.

You have the opportunity to admire all this beauty from the upper station situated at an altitude of 3.555 m (we recommend to persons with health problems or pregnant women to consult the doctor before the excursion)

It is recommended to wear warm clothing and suitable footwear, to use sun cream, sunglasses and take enough water.

At the lower station you can find a cafe, restaurant and shop.

**Is very important to know that the access to the cable car is possible only when the weather conditions permit it.